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Salon gathering with Afrofuturist Ingrid LaFleur


Nicholas Forest


Nicholas is a member of REAP ATL and a current Enterprise Rose Fellow working with Quest Community Development, a non-profit affordable housing development organization. At Quest, he serves on the real-estate development team, assisting in the management and construction of various developments at differing scales. Before joining Quest Communities, Nicholas served as an architectural designer at NilesBolton Association; he worked on numerous multi-family projects and acted as lead designer for The Nine at Austin, a 98-unit multi-housing project in Austin, Texas. Before moving to Atlanta, Nicholas served with the non-profit organization, SBP, in New Orleans, Louisiana, as a part of a 10-month Americorps program.

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Euneika Rogers-Sipp

Planning & Design

Euneika Rogers-Sipp is a planning and design artist and the Founder of the Destination Design School of Agricultural Estates (DDSAE). She has extensive experience in regional design and land use planning — from microscopic to landscape scales, and works intersecting ecological and cultural creation, design education, and public art. At the Destination Design School, she leads design development efforts that reflect local cultural production and vernacular traditions, preserve healthy land use, and reduce family vulnerability. With more than 20 years working across multiple disciplines in film, fashion, fine art, and music, Euneika launched her first hybrid business and social justice enterprise in Atlanta in the early ’90s investing profits into sustainable apparel production, education, and advocacy. She is the co-founder of The Digging Dubois Project, a social justice enterprise based in Atlanta that focuses on network design in Historic African American agricultural districts. 

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Nmadili Okwumabua

Urban Planning and Academia

Nmadili Okwumabua is an Urban Planner, Professor of African Architecture and Urban Design. Her passion for design is rooted in
a vision where communities in Africa and the Diaspora are developed with new architectural languages that celebrate the aesthetics and culture of the people today. In 2005, she founded
Southern Sahara USA, a design consultancy service specializing in
the research and development of this new architecture, which she promotes through exhibitions and lectures. Nmadili Okwumabua attended the University of Tennessee and Georgia State University, where she pursued her undergraduate studies in architecture and urban planning.