Daphne Lundi

Board Circle

Urban Planning


Daphne (she/her) is Deputy Director with the NYC Mayor’s Office of Recovery and Resiliency working on climate resilience and neighborhood planning.

Joshua Broadway

Advisory Circle



Josh (he/him) is a practicing architect and designer, investigating the psychological and sociological consequences of our environments. 

Sophonie M Joseph_Profile Pic.jpg
Dr. Sophonie Joseph

Board Circle

Visual Arts & Urban Planning


Sophonie (she/her) uses conceptual photography and documentary filmmaking as tools to conduct visual sociology. 

Justin Garrett Moore

Advisory Circle

Urban Design, Planning & Development


Justin (he/him) is a transdisciplinary designer and urbanist and is the program officer for the Humanities in Place program at the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

Justine Johnson

Board Circle

Transporation & Community Relations


Justine (she/her) is a Mobility Strategist at Ford Mobility where she works with municipalities and communities on solutions to move people and goods more efficiently throughout Southern California.

Brysan Brown - Justin Garrett Moore.png
Brysan Brown

Advisory Circle

Housing Finance & Community Dev.


Brysan (he/him) is interested in the ways that government and non-profits can improve the financial well-being of urban residents and families.

Aldea Coleman.jpg
Aldea Coleman

Advisory Circle

Planning & Policy


Aldea (she/her) is responsible for improving strategic initiatives and planning processes that impact transportation divisions as the Policy Director for North Carolina’s Department of Transportation (NCDOT). 

Jasmine Graves

Board Circle

Public Health & Social Impact


Jasmine (she/her) is a researcher and strategist committed to dismantling systems of oppression and rebuilding a world where Black, Indigenous, and People of Color thrive. 

Peter Robinson

Board Circle

Design & Education


Peter's (he/him) research focuses on cultural subjectivity and the city, broaching parallels and interferences among architectural/urban design, planning and cultural theories as a means to engage/inform social action.

Armando Sullivan.jpg
Armando Sullivan

Board Circle; Project Partner

Urban Planning 

Armando (he/him) is an urban planner working in the private sector. 

Kyra Assibey-Bonsu 

Project Partner

Storytelling & Community Development 


Kyra (she/her) is an urbanist with a focus on storytelling to bolster community ties and preservation.

Beryl Ford.jpg
Beryl Ford

Board Circle



Beryl Briane (she/her) has a vested interest in supporting cultural organizations who work with communities of color to maximize funding and mission impact. 

Jennifer Allen

Board Circle

Community & Urban Planning


Jennifer (she/her) leads collaboratives of community organizations, city staff, and elected officials in envisioning and strategizing to achieve improved walking, biking, and social change.

Vanessa Morrison

Board Circle; Project Partner

Community Development


Vanessa (she/her) is a social impact planner and leads community engagement, cultural preservation, and design initiatives in Black community spaces. 

Ujijji Davis-Williams

Project Partner

Landscape Architecture


Ujijji (she/her) is a practicing landscape architect, urban planner and researcher based in Detroit. 

Breanna Robles

Project Partner

Landscape Architecture


Breanna (she/her) designs sustainable landscapes that foster local economic development. 

Kenyatta McLean

Co-Managing Director

Economic Development & Heritage


Kenyatta (she/her) is an urban planner and strategist interested in neighborhood resource distribution and heritage conservation.

Emma Osore

Co-Managing Director

Participatory Design & Arts / Culture


Emma (she/her) co-designs emerging communities of anti-disciplinary creatives that transform culture. 

Alicia Ajayi 

Program Strategist 

Architecture & Social Work


Alicia (she/her) works with community development corporations, private developers, and non-profits to create visions of spaces that reflect their mission and goals for positive change.